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Wondering where you can get your hands on some of our Kombucha?

Gut Feelings Kombucha is sold both in small bottles and via Refill Stations where you are able to fill up larger quantities in one go.

Refill Stations

Refill. Refuel. Rejuvenate.

Gut Feelings Refill Stations were developed to keep the business as low waste as possible. We turn second hand fridges into kombucha dispensers meaning you can pop in with a large empty bottle and fill at your leisure.

This set up leads to zero waste. We reuse the kegs that are stored in the fridge and you get to refill the same bottle every time. Branded bottles are available at all stations and the wee bottles can be reused and refilled too!

Wee bottles

You can find our wee bottles of Kombucha at the shops listed below. Please do get in touch if you’re interested in stocking them.

Bottle Return Scheme

Maintaining low waste is incredibly important at Gut Feelings HQ which is why we introduced the bottle return scheme for the wee bottles.

When you return your clean empty bottle to your local stockists you will get 50p off of your next full one. These bottles are then returned to the brewery where we wash, sterilise and then refill with the next batch of booch!