Our Story

From the humble beginnings of brewing from my kitchen cupboard to now having our own wee micro-brewery in Findhorn, Gut Feelings Kombucha has been an ever evolving journey fuelled by a passion for gut health, fermentation and flavour experimentation.

Hannah in a garden with raspberry and mint Gut Feelings kombucha (photo: Catriona Mackenzie)

After returning from a year of living in New Zealand where I sampled many bottles of booch, I saw that the word ‘kombucha’ was not yet part of the vocabulary in the North of Scotland. I had fallen in love with the drink both because it was delicious but also because I really believed in its proposed health benefits. I decided to buy myself my first ever SCOBY and after a month of experimenting at home, I realised that I also loved the process of making it!

Initially I was selling to friends, keeping all the money to one side and getting as much feedback as possible. Once I realised I had a product that people enjoyed and that I loved to make, I invested all of these savings into creating Gut Feelings.

From April 2019 – January 2020, all the brewing happened in my kitchen cupboard. I created my first ever Refill Stations and begun selling to cafes in large bottles to sell by the glass. From February 2020, our production moved into a commercial kitchen in Findhorn where the micro-brewery has steadily developed into its current form.

2021 was a big turning point for Gut Feeling as I went on to win the Young Scottish Edge award enabling a shift from being a one person operation to a team of 3 as Dylan Rendall from OneVanManCan became the Gut Feelings delivery driver and Olivia Rossi started to learn the ropes of Kombucha production.  The wee bottles were introduced in Spring of 2021 and in Summer our Raspberry & Mint Kombucha won a Great Taste award!

Gut Feelings now stands as more than a Kombucha Brewery as I have begun offering courses and presentations on gut health and the ways in which fermentation can be of great support. Find out more through the nutrition side of the website.

Gut Feelings stainless steel kombucha brewing vessels
Gut Feelings two women and a man standing outside of kombucha brewery
Gut Feelings - wooden kombucha refill station kombucha on tap