Fermentation workshop in Inverness

I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful for the last few days!

Isabel from Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop contacted me a few months ago asking if I could host a veg fermenting workshop as part of the Highland Community Waste Partnership which aims to reduce waste and build a movement for more sustainable consumption across the Highlands. As a result Catriona from Ullapool Community Trust also got in touch as she is linked with the same partnership.

This has meant that in total 21 people in the Highlands have managed to come along to learn a new and incredible life skill for very little money. This is literally the DREAM. To travel to beautiful locations and teach people a skill that not only aids in their gut health but also ensures we have the ability to use to abundance of veg that grows in our high harvest seasons to see us through the Winter – reducing waste from excess produce but also lowering the need for purchasing plastic wrapped veggies from who knows where.

Both evening classes were so enjoyable and I feel so lucky to get to be in the company of such great people. These courses are becoming more and more casual as I become more comfortable in teaching which means I leave feeling like I’ve just been prepping veggies in strange ways with friends who love to talk about gut health and microbes. AH it is so good.

So, thank you all who came along and such a huge thanks to Isabel and Catriona for inviting me in.