Glass bowl of chickweed on a wooden shelf

Eat the ‘weeds’!

In line with an earlier blog post, I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences around the so called weeds that as a society we so commonly like to rip … Read more

Fermented kale tops pickled kale tops in glass kilner jar outside in the sun

Pickled Ferments

For a while now I have experienced a real push back against the classic ideas around pickling. I think because I have such a deep passion for encouraging the growth … Read more

Fermentation workshop at the Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop, Inverness

Fermentation workshop in Inverness

I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful for the last few days! Isabel from Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop contacted me a few months ago asking if I could host a veg … Read more

Gut Feelings home page screenshot

New Website!

Big thanks to Jem at Jaijiel Creative for our brand new website! We’ll be expanding it as time goes on, adding more recipes, events and nutrition information. Blog posts too … Read more